Anytype is local-first, with end-to-end encryption to securely store your digital assets such as task, notes, ideas, documents, workflows and much more.

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Key features

It is alternative of tools like Notion. It works on secure peer-to-peer protocol, which means your data is stored in decentralized system. Use it for note taking, project management and much more all in secure way with E2E. Although currently it does not support collaboration but company is planing to add collaborative features soon in near future.

  • Allow you to build a links between objects.
  • It comes with basic features such as kanban board, tables and adding attachments.
  • According to company you can use it for maintaining daily journal, habit tracker, data vault, and much more.
  • Anytype store your data locally first which means you do not have to worry about internet connectivity to work with your data.
  • It also lets you sync your data on peer-to-peer network in encrypted form, and only you posses the key, so no data leakage.
  • Support for major platforms.
  • Data is encrypted on both local or peer-to-peer network.

It has endless possibilities to know more read the docs.