Cerebro App

Cerebro is an advanced search tool that can lookup, search anything in your system, workstation or if needed on internet too.

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screenshot of cerebro-app

Key features

It lets you interact with your saved files and saves tons of time that we waste while search or finding things on our messy desktop. It is developed in electron and it has supports for multiple OS with possibility to create plugins.

Customize, find, search, read, translate and much more all that one place

  • Cerebro improves productivity and efficiency that lets you save your time.
  • Allow you to search things on your system and internet, in few clicks.
  • Search clipboards, files, content of files, google suggestion and more.
  • See everything at one place, you don't have to open multiple application in search of one thing.
  • Maps, translate, read file, open things in default app.
  • I has builtin plugins support that make it more powerful.
  • No plugin that you are looking for, no problem, use API and build your own plugin.