Chalkist is a web application designed to elevate the visual representation of source code by allowing users to create stunning images of their code snippets.

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Key features

It is developed by Kasper Mikiewicz AKA Idered. It supports multiple popular coding languages, so you don't have to worry about compatibility. Also allow users to add twitter handle to give it personal feel.

Chalkist allows user to create images of code and let them choose from many pre built styles, theme

  • Choose from multiple pre-built different backdrops for your image.
  • Adjust size, font, line height and font-style.
  • Give your image a personal touch by adding twitter handle and watermark.
  • Do not want watermark, no worries you can remove it or make it less visible.
  • Have support for multiple languages like javascript, python with syntax highlighting.
  • If you do not like the default syntax highlighting, no worries you can customize them.

It is power packed web-app to generate visually compelling code images. What are you waiting for go and give life to you code.

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