Grist is an innovative opensource spreadsheet.

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Key features

Grist is an innovative opensource spreadsheet, well not just spreadsheet it combines the flexibility of spreadsheet with robustness of relational database. It would be perfect alternative of google sheets, it offers APIs so you can manage your spreadsheet programmatically.

  • Grist is simple yet powerful and flexible, combining robustness of database with easiness of spreadsheet.
  • It has API that allows you to control, manage your sheets.
  • I has Zapier integration, so no code.
  • Use it for business, education, management.
  • Use grist's AI formula assistant to get support for creating complex formulas.
  • Create forms and surveys, collect and analyze data in realtime.
  • Set custom access rules like who sees what, share limited view of your data with each of your user.
  • Summarize, link, analyze data with charts, pivot tables, and much more.
  • Automatic backup, available in 12 languages.