Joplin stands as a versatile, free, and open-source note-taking, to-do application and as an alternative of tools like Evernote and Onenote.

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Key features

It organizes your notes in notebooks, so you can easily access them, offering robust search functionality. Joplin allows users to seamlessly organize, copy, tag, and modify notes directly within the application. All your notes are saved as Markdown format.

Joplin comes with tones of feature that lets you easily organize your notes.

  • Joplin has support of different plugins and themes that extends the functionality of the application.
  • Export your notes in markdown format.
  • The text is stored in markdown format, that makes the exported text easy to read, manipulate and import to other application.
  • Notes are stored offline and also allow you to sync your notes on cloud with end-to-end encryption.
  • Allows you to do full text search on your notes content.
  • Import images, links, attachments directly in your notes.
  • Offers a chrome and firefox extension Web Clipper, to save web pages and screenshots directly from you web browser.

Joplin's workflow and feature-set is often compared to applications like Evernote.