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What is Meilisearch?

Meilisearch is an open-source search solution for those who want to give their end-users a fast and relevant search experience. Using their RESTful search API you can build your solution in just a few minutes. If you want to see it in action, check their movie search demo for free here and decide yourself. Integrate it into any website or application

Key features

  • Multiple search types:Meilisearch supports multiple search types such as
    • Trending Vector search, for AI applications such as chatbots, semantic search
    • Faceted search
    • Geosearch
    • Multi-search, multiple search queries on multiple search indexes
    • Prefix search, perform a search with only a single letter as your query
    • And all-time favorite full-text search
  • Blazing fast: According to them you will get your search results in less than 50ms
  • Typo tolerance: Even if queries are misspelled, get relevant search results
  • Multiple language support: Language detection, search in your language. To know more visit here
  • Integrate search bar: Integrate a fully functional search bar easily, or you can use search preview for quick and manual test
  • Filtering and sorting: Filter, rank, and sort your result with ease, whether it is geo sorting or customizing the relevancy of search engine
  • Make indexes for synonyms: Create synonyms list for more relevant search
  • Supports multiple deploying options: Self-host, run it on docker, use meilisearch cloud, or deploy it on other supported cloud platforms
  • Official multiple SDK support: Build your solution using popular libraries such as rust, golang, javascript, python, and more
  • Hybrid and Contextual searches: Supports hybrid and contextual search to understand the meaning of the query and return relevant results

Use case

  • AI application: Create application that needs semantic search, Q&A bots to handle your support queries
  • Recommendation application: Find, suggest, and recommend products to your buyers
  • Multimedia application: Not just text search and filter through multiple formats such as image, video, and audio search
  • E-commerce application: Let users search in e-commerce application with ease, recommend products to them, and more
  • Image search: Let you users search search products using image search

Meilisearch is trusted by popular companies like Huggin Face, GO RAILS, LOUIS VUITTON