MongoDB is opensource document-oriented DB.

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Key features

MongoDB is opensource document-oriented DB, and stores data in JSON like documents. It is highly flexible and scalable. It is used as an alternative of traditional SQL databases where data is stored in form of tables. NoSQL DBs are quite useful when the data is distributed, and useful when your data does not has fixed or frequently changing structure. Unlike tradition DBs the data is stored in form of collections and documents rather than tables and rows.

MongoDb is alternative of traditional DB and highly flexible and easy to use

  • MongoDB supports both vertical and horizontal scaling.
  • Vertical scaling means adding more power like CPU, RAM to existing machine.
  • Horizontal scaling means adding more machine to resource.
  • It has inbuilt load balancer, therefore you do not need dedicated load balancer.
  • Schemaless design, for frequent changing data.
  • Support replication to provide high availability of data.
  • Built in support for queries such as aggregation, full-text search, fuzzy search.
  • Recently mongoDB support vector search, therefore it is suitable alternative of Pinecone an commercial vector-db.

MongoDB provide managed DB instances, kindly visit website for more information.