Embark on a music exploration with muffon, featuring seven audio sources, a fallback option, and an advanced equalizer for a personalized listening experience.

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Key features

Unleash the power of a unified search window that aggregates results from all music search engines. Immerse yourself in curated radio stations, diverse video variants, and annotated lyrics. Elevate your musical journey by creating playlists, sharing favorites, and engaging with like-minded communities.

Muffon is a cross-platform music streaming client for desktop, which helps you listen to, discover and organize music in an advanced way.

  • Access all major music search engines like spotify, youtube music, sound cloud, etc in one window for a seamless and extensive search experience.
  • Dive deeper into your favorite songs with lyrics support, including song variants and annotations for a more immersive musical journey.
  • Save your favorite tracks for offline listening, ensuring you have your music library at your fingertips, even without an internet connection.
  • Personalize your app experience with features like dark mode, background selection, and transparency adjustments for a tailored interface.
  • Receive personalized music recommendations, filtered by library artists and tags, enhancing your music discovery based on your preferences.
  • Curate your unique mixes with a user-friendly playlist creation feature, and quickly access your liked tracks and favorites for instant enjoyment.

Elevate your music journey with our feature-rich platform, no ads, absolutely free.