OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source video editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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Key features

OpenShot is a versatile and user-friendly open-source video editing software designed for creating professional-quality videos. With a sleek interface and powerful tools, OpenShot caters to both beginners and experienced editors. Its 10 standout features include a robust timeline, unlimited layers, real-time preview, advanced video editing options, support for a wide range of formats, keyframe animations, 3D animated titles, audio editing capabilities, and a selection of transitions and effects. OpenShot's intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to trim, slice, and arrange clips, while its extensive library of transitions and effects enhances creativity.

OpenShot, a user-friendly yet powerful open-source video editing software. Its intuitive interface, advanced editing tools, and broad format support lay the foundation for seamless video production.

  • OpenShot offers a robust set of editing tools, including a feature-rich timeline, unlimited layers, and real-time preview for efficient and precise video editing.
  • The software supports a broad range of video and audio formats, allowing users to work with various media files without compatibility issues.
  • Users can create smooth animations by setting keyframes, enabling precise control over elements like position, scale, and rotation throughout the video.
  • The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the process of arranging and editing video clips, making it user-friendly for all levels of expertise.
  • It has tools like scaling, trimming, snapping, rotating, video transition, title templates, audio mixing and editing, amazing effects, and much more.
  • The software displays audio waveforms on the timeline, making it easier for users to synchronize audio and video elements accurately.

Elevate your video editing experience with OpenShot's feature-rich platform, offering everything from advanced editing options, unlimited layers, and dynamic animations to audio enhancements, all in a freely accessible, open-source package designed to elevate your creative projects effortlessly.