Super Productivity

Super productivity as name suggest it makes you super productive by helping you managing, planing, track your task. Connect it with your Jira, Github, Gitlab easily to track everything.

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Key features

It show you full fledged summaries or your task and encourages you by creating monthly productivity log. Try the web version today, it is totally free no signup required.

It is simple yet advance task and project management that helps in both team or independent workflows

  • Super productivity lets you clear and organized in your workflows.
  • Connect your Jira, Github and Gitlab account and fetch details like tickets, replies.
  • Never check your connected account for updates because it provide update about the tickets, it provide notification about ticket changes.
  • Well being productive is necessary, but what about your health, well don't worry super productivity reminds you about breaks that tells you when to step away.
  • It also has famous Pomodoro timer, that allows you to focus.
  • Best feature, well it doesn't collect any of your data.

Try super productivity web version absolutely for free, no signup required. Be productive with super productivity and do less procrastination.