Vikunja is an animal, but here as we all know we are going to talk about an animal.

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Key features

Vikunja is a to-do and task management app, stay organized, collaborate with peers and it also provides self hosting capabilities so no vendor lockin. It is a perfect alternative of apps such as trello, todoist and microsoft to-do. Available for platforms such as android,windows,linux,mac, but currently there is no client for ios phone device.

  • Vikunja lets you import your task from popular apps such as Trello, Todoist, Microsoft To-Do
  • It has features to give label to your tasks, make relation between tasks, and assigning due dates.
  • Create and filter your tasks, assign priorities.
  • Well no worries about attachments, it lets you attach images, attachments with your task, no compromise with quality.
  • Provide cloud platform, so you can collaborate with your peers, but cloud is not free it starts from 4 euro.
  • It comes with popular tools such as Gantt Charts, Kanban Board and Table view, no compromise with productivity.
  • Host vikujna on your server and talk with it using simple API.

Get out of your vendor lockin and use powerful task management software vikunja.